The close of 2020 didn’t feel like the calendar had advanced a year. Not only had we lost all momentum and the opportunity to make another leap, but we had basically also been pushed back two years.

January 2020 was a peak month for Aurelius Coworks. Our two coworking communities in New York’s Capital Region — Troy Innovation Garage, opened in 2017, and Bull Moose Club, opened in 2019 — had posted their best numbers to date. We started the new year ready to do even better after the winter holiday season and predicted full maturity for both spaces by…

Infusing Art Into Our Coworking Spaces

We spent four years building Troy Innovation Garage as a home for the creative economy in the Capital Region of New York State. A variety of artists and talented craftspeople have made their mark here.

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t have any artistic abilities. I grew up with no exposure to art. And it wasn’t until I moved to Washington, DC after college that I discovered art. As a young, single, 23-year old staffer working on Capitol Hill I started to visit museums in our nation’s capital on weekends. I didn’t know anyone when I first moved to D.C. and weekend hours were generous. Riding my bike around town, visiting historic sites, and touring museums was a good way to fill long stretches of time. Also, I quickly found out that all…

The pandemic has forced a hard look at the way we work and where we work. And, more and more people are struggling with the hard decisions in front of them.

Tom Nardacci is the owner of Aurelius Coworks, a socially responsible development company based in Troy NY that develops, owns, and operates coworking and flexible office communities in various states and cities

In the days and months after 9/11, there were far fewer people who believed that anyone would ever work again in lower Manhattan then believed it would become a neighborhood that would not only recover and revitalize, but expand exponentially.

In 2019, private sector employment in lower Manhattan surpassed 251,334. The milestone was important because it was the first time the number had surpassed the 247,938 jobs downtown in…

By Tom Nardacci

One of the most memorable conversations I had with my grandfather was when I went to his grocery store to talk to him about a high school research assignment I was doing on The New Deal.

Although kind-hearted and giving, my grandfather wasn’t easy to talk to or connect with. His life was hard; he was a first-generation American who grew up in the Great Depression and witnessed firsthand the horror of war at Pearl Harbor. He became a butcher and built a good life to support…

Westwey Club Will Open in Summer 2020

Aurelius Coworks’ third coworking community will occupy the entire 11th floor of the iconic Turks Head Building in downtown Providence

TROY, NY — Aurelius Coworks, a socially-responsible development company based in Troy, New York, today announced its first out-of-state coworking community project to be established in Providence, Rhode Island: Westwey Club. Final designs are being drawn for the new coworking and flexible office space, with an expected opening in Summer 2020.

Westwey Club, located on the 11th floor of the Turks Head Building in downtown Providence, will be a coworking community focused on supporting the creative economy, startup tech, small…

Troy Innovation Garage serves the creative economy of New York State’s Capital Region.

WeWork wasn’t wrong. They lost their mojo. And, the world is filled with companies who have done the same thing, then bounced back. From Microsoft to Sears, we have story after story of original and innovative companies that lost their way. And, for every Sears that vanishes to memory, there’s a Microsoft that bounces back.

I read WeWork’s S-1 and viewed it less through the lens of an IPO investor and more as someone who has visited close to 100 shared workspaces, incubators and accelerators around the country. The truth is that WeWork changed dramatically in the past five years…

Downtown Troy, New York is in the midst of an impressive turnaround over the past decade

2019–2020 Season Titled Garage Talks Will Bring Nationally-Recognized Experts to the Capital Region to Explore Urban Waterfronts, Climate Change, Design, Public Art, Gentrification and Community

Companion ‘Future of Small Cities’ Podcast to be Produced by Aurelius Coworks Owner Tom Nardacci

Troy-based Velan Studios signs publishing deal with EA Partners

“After 28 years of making games, I realized I was doing it wrong,” Velan Studios CEO and co-founder Karthik Bala told “What I realized was that we were missing a phase prior to pre-production. A true discovery phrase to find the magic, to find the fun; a phase to really prove or disprove concepts. It needs to be a very failure embracing process, where you’re iterating and seeing what works and being very divergent and lateral thinking in terms of approach.”

The Capital Region of New York State, centered around…

Coworking in New York’s State Capitol

In January we held the grand opening for our second coworking community in New York’s Capital Region — Bull Moose Club. The 518 boasts a stable economy due to a concentration of jobs in the government, health care and education sectors, bolstered by a growing creative and tech sector. Our Troy Innovation Garage project located just a few miles north from the State Capitol in the revitalizing downtown of Troy, NY. Troy is home to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and about 50,000 people. Downtown is one of the most walkable in all of America…

Troy Innovation Garage Community Manager Nicole Manupella met up with other coworking community owners and managers to share experiences. Here’s her trip notes….

“I had a special opportunity to travel to the Netherlands for a coworking retreat. I spent a couple of days exploring the wonderful city of Amsterdam and diving into the bike culture, the art scene, the overall vibe of the city and learning what makes Amsterdam thrive. Then it was up to the countryside to spend time with nine coworking operators and owners from around the world.

Tom Nardacci

Creative firm entrepreneur I Coworking community developer I Believer in small cities & middle markets

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