We Need to Return to Work in Our Cities

Tom Nardacci is the owner of Aurelius Coworks, a socially responsible development company based in Troy NY that develops, owns, and operates coworking and flexible office communities in various states and cities

We Face Really Tough Decisions

Today, we all face tough decisions. For some it may truly be the first real hard decision of your life. There will only be a few times that we are forced to make life-altering decisions in succession like we have the past few months. And it will happen even less that society as a whole will face such a widespread crisis. And, unfortunately, the effects of coronavirus will linger for a long time.

Redeveloping Downtowns Have Been Hit Hard

A great blow has been dealt to our cities and many downtowns that have been trying hard to build off the momentum of the return of business and residents over the past decade. This is so evident to me as I watch my friends who own shops and restaurants work harder than ever to hold it together, and sadly, watch some simply close down.

New Return to Work Options

How does a coworking community fit into the “new norm,” or whatever we are quick to now call everything? Being part of conversations about people’s needs and future plans is common for us. But, back before the pandemic, most people came to us knowing something was missing from their work routine. They’d be able to quickly grasp what our community would offer them and their business. We’ve since been able to watch these individuals thrive in our communities, and we continue to provide them space, flexibility, connectivity and a warm welcome.

A Social Responsibility

Our communities are also part of the downtown business fabric. Last year we quantified that our members spend over $500,000 annually in downtown restaurants and retail shops. Additionally, 1/3 of our members walk to work, which means they’re also paying rent and other lifestyle expenses around town.



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Tom Nardacci

Tom Nardacci

Creative firm entrepreneur I Coworking community developer www.aureliuscoworks.com I Believer in small cities & middle markets